Y.A. Collection - Exhibition+Shop - 6 month project - at LemoArt Gallery in Berlin - supported by Cancan

Y.A. Collections (Young Art Collections) is a brand new concept which is taking place at LemoArt Gallery Berlin and will last for 6 month. Y.A. Collections brings together young artists from all over the world to exhibit their work in one space in Berlin. This exciting exhibition of work by young artists will fea...ture a vast array of works in many different styles and mediums including:

+ Illustration & Drawing
+ Painting
+ Collage
+ Comic & Graphic Novel
+ Photography & Digital Art
+ Film & Video Art
+ Ceramic Art
+ Jewellery Art

This 6 month long exhibition will feature work by international newcomer artists. Each month, the works exhibited in the gallery will be changed and new works will be hung to reflect new concepts within Y.A. Collections. If you wish to stay up to date with the work in the exhibition, make sure you come and visit the gallery in person to see the new works!

As part of Y.A. Collections, you can purchase original works, limited and open editions on canvas, wood, ceramic, framed works, smaller prints and postcards. All art works will be available for purchase within the gallery, including framing - More than 500 art works available! You will find your piece of loved art.

++ Names and information of the artists participating will be revealed soon ++

Exhibition Opening Hours:
Tuesday: 12 - 5PM
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2 - 6PM

Opening Event: 9th March 2017, 7PM
Free Vegan Snacks + Special Art Drinks + Music

Cost: Free Admission

Connect with us:

Facebook1: Oliviakcompany
Facebook2: Cancan

Y.A. Collections Artists


1          Osamu Watanabe/illustration/Japan.Japan (online)

2          Grace Tsang/drawing/China.China

3          Karen Stanton/collage, drawing/USA.USA

4          Clinton Gorst/collage/New Zealand.Australia

5          Peter Bedgood/cartoons/USA.USA

6          Sára Petrák/illustration/Hungary.UK

7          Joanna Nylund/photography/Finland.Finland (online)

8          Jeanne Jalandoni/painting/USA.USA

9          Mila Pahl/digital collage, llustration/Colombia.Germany

10        Janos Tarko/painting/Serbia.Serbia              

11        Ulrike Lammers/ceramic/Switzerland.Switzerland

12        Michael Pitschke/illustration/Germany.Germany

13        Aram Paparazzi/digital art/Libanon.Libanon

14        Angelina Sandakova/painting/Russia.Russia

15        Olga Vorobyeva/painting/Russia.Russia

16        Irina Shabanova/painting/Russia.Russia

17        Arden Oluk/drawing/Turkey.Turkey

18        Marianne Leto/jewellery/Italy.Italy

19        Tatsuyuki Kobayashi/illustration/Japan.Japan

20        Ava Carmel/collage/Canada.Israel

21        Krisztian Sandor/painting, collage/Hungary.Hungary

22        Svetlana Zatsepina/illustration/Ukraine.Ukraine

23        Ene Es/drawing/Denmark.Denmark

24        Mariana Meraz/photography/Mexico.USA

25        Judy/cartoons/Taiwan.Taiwan (online)

26        Ruth Ladda-van Giffen/photography/The Netherlands.Germany

27        Carlotta/photography/Italy/.pain (online)

28        Natsumi SHIRAIdrawing/Japan.Japan (online)

29        Red Moon Noor Art/collage/Sweden.Sweden

30        Guin Magielo/illustration, digital collage/Brazil.Brazil

31        Clara Helmertz Cane/painting/Sweden.Sweden

32        Cai Chang/illustration/China.China (online)

33        Rachel Rothwell/mixed media illustration/Ireland.Switzerland (online)

34        Katya Zazybo/ceramic/metal jewellery/Russia.Russia

35        Iuri Kothe/collage/Brazil.Brazil

36        Tanateasami/illustration/China.China

37        Messai Emna/drawing/Tunesia.Tunesia

38        Leah Doeland/painting/Australia.Australia

39        Daniel Lloyd/collage/graffiti/painting/Luxemburg.Luxemburg

40        Lorna Sinclair/painting/collage/UK.Scotland

41        Rocco Bernasconi/photography/Switzerland.Switzerland (online)

42        Claudio Cunha/illustration/Brazil.Brazil

43        Valeria Di Guardo/photography/Italy.Germany

44        Pame Pinto Rojas/digital collage/Ecuador.Ecuador (online)

45        Poinsot Victoire/drawing, photography/France.France (+online)

46        Jana Borosch/collage/Germany.Germany

47        Florian Egloff/drawing/Switzerland.Switzerland

48        Tine Collage/collage/Denmark.Denmark

49        Simon Fisher/collage/Kenya.Australia

50        Annie Kubena/painting/USA.USA

51        Wendy Swan/collage/UK.UK

52        Emil Ulfhammer/drawing/Sweden.Sweden

53        Ayu Nakata/painting/drawing/Japan.Japan

54        Carmen Reig/collage/Spain.UK

55        Sofia Nissilä/collage/Finland.The Netherlands

56        Laurent Seljan/collage/France.Spain (online)

57        Amy Putman/collage/USA.USA

58        Hampus Hagman/mixed media/Sweden.Sweden

59        Lulu/collage/France.France

60        Lisa Saltzman/photography/USA.USA

61        Sofya Dushkina/illustration/Russia.Iceland                

62        Dohwa/Kim Young/ceramic art/South Korea.South Korea

63        Lisa Ruhe/illustration/Norway.Norway

64        Hanne Negård/photograhpy/Norway.Norway

65        Carlos Eduardo Peralta Ribera/drawing/Bolivia.Madrid

66        Alexander Ney/photography/Germany.Germany

67        Vigdis Aarre Engesbak/ink work/Norway.Norway

68        JUDITH B URDE BÆCKLUND/digital art/drawing.Schweden (+online)

69        Marita Auruccio/collage/Venezuela.Argentina

70        Nastya Torchinskaya/collage/Russia.Russia

71        Kathryn Borg/ceramic/UK.UK

72        Andrea Peluso/collage/Italy.Italy

73        Mark Terenziani/drawing/digital art/Italy.Italy

74        The Tactical Assault Group/spary art/painting/Belgium.Belgium    

75        Lian Jhu/painting/Taiwan.Taiwan (online)

76        Jean Angie Kaser/fashion illustration/Bosnia and Hercegovina.BiH

77        Rinat/ceramic/Israel.Israel              

78        Adam Widener/collage, illustration/USA.USA

79        Lee/painting/digital art/South Korea.South Korea

80        Layla Yamamoto/drawing/Japan.Japan

81        Lobke van Aar/illustration/The Netherlands.The Netherlands