you are who you are, but let people have a sip.

CANCAN is an art drink concept made to promote creative people, brands and concepts in a more effective and unique way. Inside the Cancans: Apfelschorle and Black Iced Tea with lemon and hemp flower extract, refreshing and natural – gives power and a creative feeling!

We design and produce 'CANCAN Limited Collector’s Editions'. Each edition shows art or design and information about one certain creative person or brand.

That means that Cancan is a promotion art object to spread creative work in a more effective way internationally – it can be admired, collected, ordered and spread again.

Once a creative is part of Cancan, customers can support him/her by ordering further so-called Cancan Special Editions – the artists can be promoted for years and their work can be spread to many different locations and cities again and again.

CANCAN is promoted at our Cancan space/gallery in Berlin and sponsors special selected creative locations and art events in cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, ZurichLondon, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Istanbul.

CANCAN promotion is generally offered in connection with our website and social media promotion.

The creatives who take part also have the chance to apply for our CANCAN events and exhibitions which take place Cancan gallery Berlin.

Get more information and check out if your creative work can be published on the next CANCAN Edition!  

Apply: phone +49-(0)30-23486096  or email 

CANCAN - No one will forget your work for sure!

CANCAN has been growing!

Cancan is not anymore just a promotion product for artists and their work, it is also a Creative Art Network promoting and showing the latest works of artists and designers worldwide. Soon Cancan is going to publish the "Cancan Art Portfolios" of Artists of the whole globe.

If you're interested to have your work promoted by Cancan, please send us an application to: Cancan